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ANHP is one of Australia’s leading and largest suppliers of dietary and nutritional health supplements that will greatly assist in replenishing your body with the required nutrients so that you may actively pursue and include extra activities in your daily lives.

All of our products comprises the highest quality of natural raw materials and follows the Australian regulations strictly to provide consumers with safe, high quality, efficient products. These health products are produced in full compliance with the international Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) that covers the manufacturing and testing of active pharmaceutical ingredients, diagnostics and pharmaceutical products. This whole process is operated in our Brisbane based plant which consists the most advanced facilities fully approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). The TGA is an Australian governing body that strictly regulates and audits pharmaceutical facilities in laboratory research and testing, manufacturing, package and labelling in order to comply with GMP standards. ANHP assures that we follow this practice strictly from the gathering of raw materials to the production process. We do this to give our customers the best quality assurance from our health products. This is all done in order to guarantee you, the consumer a better quality healthy life for you and your family.

Our flagship product range ‘Biosis’ uses the highest quality natural raw materials and is intended to provide enough nutrients that may otherwise not be consumed in sufficient quantities. By using our Biosis range and selecting the various forms of supplements designed for you can easily and effectively improve your daily well being.

The Biosis extensive range covers Men, Women and Children in areas of:

  • Greatly increase energy and decrease stress
  • Can assist and improve on joints function
  • Act as an effective antioxidant
  • Rejuvenating and revitalising skin and maintain beauty
  • Protection against immature aging
  • Maintenance or improvement of general wellbeing

Utilising the best natural raw materials Australia has to offer in producing ANPG’s Biosis and other complimentary range, it will guarantee to kick start your lifestyle to a healthier and active one.

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